The Future of Sport




When reality show “Driver vs. Driver 2” first premiered on the Golf Channel, Tim Slama knew he was seeing his destiny unfold before his eyes. Tim, an Honors College student and mechanical engineering and innovation management double major, had always intended to design sports equipment. Now, he had an opportunity to try his hand in front of the number one player in the industry: Wilson.

“I chose to study engineering and business at Oregon State with the end goal of designing sports equipment — specifically, golf clubs. I applied to be on the show because I knew it would be an opportunity to co-create a performance product with a world-class sporting goods company.”

Finalists on the show not only pitch their concepts to experts, but also participate in the process of designing a driver, from concept sketches to final prototypes. Major golfers test and critique their designs before contestants pitch their products in a Shark Tank-like presentation round.

To ensure he was working at his best, Tim called upon his honors faculty for advice, drawing on lessons from Dr. Bob Passch’s honors course in mechanical engineering product design and his experience performing undergraduate research alongside Dr. Onan Demeril.

“Our work learning about generative design in Oregon State’s Design Engineering Lab inspired one of my driver’s key technologies,” Tim said of the experience.

Whatever the outcome of the competition, Tim is optimistic about what the future holds. Tim spent his summer developing innovative footwear as a design engineering intern for Nike. “It was a fantastic experience, and many of my classes at Oregon State translated directly into the work I was doing in Beaverton.”

Now, the sky’s the limit.

Tim Slama, ‘19
Honors College
Mechanical Engineering and Innovation Management