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Knowledge is a living thing.
It grows, evolves and goes to work.

You can discover a world of knowledge and apply it in thousands of places. Starting here.

At Oregon State, with a broad spectrum of programs and research experiences and really smart people everywhere you turn, you’ll have the support and the opportunity to pursue what interests you. Whatever your goals, we’ll help you get there.

You may have heard that knowledge is power. Prepare to get a lot more powerful.

Challenge (and reward) yourself in the Honors College.

The Honors College offers small classes with Oregon State’s top professors, outstanding research opportunities and a collaborative, supportive community that encourages curiosity and creativity. Honors College graduates also have high acceptance rates into graduate, medical and professional schools, including Harvard, Emory, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Mt. Sinai and Oregon Health & Science University.

2,000+ undergrads conduct cutting-edge research.

From alternative energy, to public health, to climate change, you can work on the problems you want to solve. Take advantage of our top-notch facilities and field-leading faculty. Start a project of your own or partner with graduate students and professors to push the world forward.

Apply your degree — before you graduate.

Find out. You can complete an internship at any time during the academic year or over the summer. You’ll gain valuable on-the-job experience and professional contacts who can give you a head start on your career. And in many cases, you’ll earn a paycheck as well.

Give your education a global perspective.

You can study, intern or research abroad as part of nearly 200 programs, in 72 countries and on all seven continents.

Our academics cross boundaries for the good of the world.

Arts and Social Sciences

Creative thinkers and problem solvers make the world a much more interesting place, enhance quality of life and add value to businesses. Oregon State’s liberal arts curriculum emphasizes creativity while building critical thinking, communication and life skills.


The business curriculum at Oregon State emphasizes innovation, real-world experience and corporate citizenship, recognizing that a sound reputation can be as important as profit and loss to a company’s success. Signature programs include family business and a unique live-in entrepreneurship and business incubator where many students start their own companies.


Engineering programs at Oregon State offer virtually unlimited opportunities to put ideas and innovation to work, creating something new or making something better. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning, and more than 80 percent of engineering students complete at least one internship.

Health and Wellness

Quality of life includes many dimensions, and Oregon State covers them all. With programs in science, public health and human sciences, nutrition, pre-health areas, pharmacy and veterinary medicine, Oregon State promotes healthy living across the lifespan, disease prevention and a safe, nutritious food supply.

Science and Natural Resources

Food, water, wildlife, air quality and climate change all require people with problem-solving skills and solid backgrounds in the biological, environmental, mathematical and physical sciences. Oregon State offers several of the top-rated science and natural resources programs in the world.

Teacher Education

Oregon State prepares teachers, counselors and other education leaders to make a positive difference in people’s lives. An innovative double-degree program includes a degree in education and a second in a specific teaching area.

200+ academic programs

Whatever you want to study, you’ll find it here. If you don’t know yet, we’ll explore with you.

11 colleges

• Agricultural Sciences
• Business
• Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
• Education
• Engineering
• Forestry

• Liberal Arts
• Pharmacy
• Public Health and Human Sciences
• Science
• Veterinary Medicine

Plus great opportunities in the Honors College and the Graduate School.